Adoption Ethics

Adopolis will always operate with the highest ethical standards, which will include the following principles:

We will complete our work rapidly and accurately and will keep our clients fully informed of the progress of their cases. We will seek to work with national representatives, agents and attorneys in the countries in which we work who will do the same, and we will terminate our relationships with those who can not or will not complete their work in a timely and accurate manner.

Adopolis will accept and work with clients without regard to race, religion, age, marital status or sexual orientation. We will however make it clear to all clients that their ability to adopt a child in another country is always subject to the laws and regulations of that country and we will not make promises to clients that are contrary to the laws and customs of the adoptive country. We will at all times respect the laws and customs of the countries where the adoptions are legalized. Adopolis will never knowingly submit false or incomplete dossiers, home studies and other documents to adoption officials in those countries, and will never attempt to mislead or lie to such officials when they make legitimate inquiries about our prospective adoptive parents. We recognize that our failure to uphold these standards may jeopardize our relationships with the adoption authorities in these countries and our ability to complete future adoptions for other families.

Adopolis will educate all families to the fact that many foreign countries require post adoption follow up reports to be filed for some period of time after the adoption is complete. Although your child will acquire US citizenship during the adoption process, most countries consider any person born in their country to be a citizen of their country for life, and their adoption authorities consider it their legitimate duty to monitor the progress and welfare of their citizens who are adopted abroad. Many countries have internal political debates about the wisdom of allowing foreigners to adopt their children, and these post adoption reports are helpful to those who advocate for continued foreign adoption. Failure to file reports has in the past resulted in some countries closing their adoption process to foreigners. Your ability to adopt a child in another country is made possible by the fact that the families that have gone before you have complied with this requirement, and you have an obligation to the families that will come after you to do the same. Post adoption report requirements vary by country and Adopolis will provide specific information about requirements for your chosen country.

Adopolis will respect the privacy of adoptive families by safeguarding the personal information entrusted to us. We will maintain paperwork records as required by District of Columbia regulations, and will destroy unneeded papers and documents in a manner that protects the privacy of our clients.

Adopolis will support families after the adoption is complete, and considers all past clients to be a part of its extended family. We will help parents and children to learn about the culture of the country of their birth as they grow up.

Complaint Policy and Procedures

Clients or prospective clients who are dissatisfied with the quality of Adopolis’ services are encouraged to first discuss their complaint with Adopolis to see if the trouble can be resolved through informal processes.

If this process does not produce a satisfactory result, clients or prospective clients have the right to file a formal written complaint with Adopolis, which will investigate and provide a written response within thirty days of the receipt of such complaint.

Adopolis will maintain a written record of all formal complaints received and the steps taken to investigate and respond to them, and will provide a summary of all written complaints received from any client or prospective client to the Council On Accreditation and the US Department of State on a semi-annual basis. Adopolis will maintain a quality improvement program appropriate to its size and circumstances through which it will make systematic efforts to improve its adoption services as needed.

Adopolis highly appreciates our client’s comments and suggestions to improve its quality of services, and will not take any action to discourage a client or prospective client from making a complaint, or to retaliate against a client or prospective client for making a complaint, expressing a grievance, providing information to an accrediting entity, or questioning the conduct of or expressing an opinion about the performance of the agency.

Adopolis is licensed in the District of Columbia by the DC Department of Health, Health Regulation and Licensing Division, 899 North Capitol Street, NE, 2nd floor, Washington, DC 20002. Telephone 202-724-8800, Fax 202-442-9430.

Clients or prospective clients are advised that complaints against the agency may also be filed with the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions Complaint Registry, maintained by the US Department of State.


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