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Bulgaria Adoption

We work with AMOR, a Bulgarian organization accredited by the Ministry of Justice, the Central Authority in Bulgaria.

Family Eligibility

Married couples (married 2 years)  and single woman can adopt. Adoptive parents must be older than 25 years of age.


Children are 2 years and older with various health conditions, special needs children and sibling groups. Beside Bulgarian, they may have other heritages such as Turkish, Armenian, etc.

Time Line

Waiting time from the dossier acceptance to the assignment of a child is from 6-24 months. Waiting time for special needs children, older children and sibling groups is on the shorter side.

Travel to the country

Two trips are required with approximately 3 months between the first and second trip.  First trip is about 10 days and second trip is about 7 days.  Married couples must travel together for the first tip.


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