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The Home Study – District of Columbia (DC)

Adopolis is able to prepare a Home Study for DC families working with us or another Hague Accredited agency.

A Home Study is required for Domestic and International adoptions and by all states and countries, and enables you to take a look at your readiness to parent, prepares you for parenting, and ensures you are meeting your state’s requirements.

In the Home Study, you will meet with the Adopolis professionals and prepare required paperwork and reports. If you are planning an international adoption, you will also need to create a dossier and have an accredited primary service provider.

The Home Study: Interviews and Documents

  • You can expect to have several interviews with the Adopolis staff. If you are a couple, there will be at least one joint interview. Plus, there will be individual interviews with each partner. These interviews help you to develop a relationship with the Adopolis while enabling the Adopolis professionals to help you determine the type of child that you will be able to parent.
  • The Home Study: Paperwork and Reports. Paperwork and reports are needed for the adoption process. You can be assured that we will be there, helping you find, collect and process these documents. The necessary documents are:
    • Autobiography for each person adopting
    • Medical Reports
    • Financial Statements
    • Reference letters
    • Child Abuse History Record Checks
    • Criminal history clearances (Local and FBI)

Application fee:                        $500

Home Study:                          $2,000

301-879-9524 or 202-302-9462

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