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International Adoption

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We work with families  who wish to adopt from one of our own programs or any other country. Our polices and procedures are in compliance with the Hague Convention on International Adoption. Adopolis’ Statement of Principles exists to explain clearly to all families that adoption laws and regulations vary from country to country and are based on cultural and historical customs, which may affect the approval process in a certain country. Contact us for more information.

Adopting a Relative Who Lives Overseas 

Adopolis can be your primary provider and help you to adopt a relative who is an orphan (as defined by the USCIS) and living in a country other than the United States. The Universal Accreditation Act of 2012 requires all international adoption activities to be managed by an accredited adoption agency acting as the primary provider regardless of the child’s country of origin.

We can act as  an accredited primary provider in cases when adoptive parents are pursuing an adoption from any country.

Adoption For United States Citizens Living Abroad 

We can assist you with an adoption of a child living in the United States or overseas.  We are fully accredited to work with you to meet your goals.  Contact us for detailed information.

Fees For Primary Provider Services

Application Fee                 $500

Agency Fee                     $6000
Primary Provider Information From the United States Department of State(travel.state.gov > Intercountry Adoption > Adoption Process > FAQs > 
  • Is every family who is adopting a child from a Convention country required to have an accredited or approved primary adoption service provider?

    The Hague Adoption Convention accreditation regulations (22 CFR Part 96) establish the central importance and role of primary providers. S

    Furthermore, DHS (USCIS) regulations governing the I-800A applicati

    • A home study must be prepared by an individual or agency authorized under 22 CFR Part 96. As provided in 8 CFR 204.311(t)(2), when the home study is not performed in the first instance by an ac
    • credited or temporarily accredited agency, then an accredited agency must review and approve the home study in writing per 22 CFR 96.46(c), before the home study is submitted to USCIS;
    • As part of the I-800 petition, prospective adoptive parents must file a statement from the primary provider indicating that all of t
    • he pre-placement preparation and training provided for in 22 CFR 96.48 have been completed. See 8 CFR 204.313(d)(2);
    • Prospective adoptive parents must also file a statement from the primary provider certifying that the information in the article 16 report on the child is true, correct, and complete. See 8 CFR 204.313(d)(4)(iii);
    • Prospective adoptive parents must also file a statement from the primary provider detailing the primary provider’s plan for post-placeme
      nt duties, as specified in 22 CFR 96.50. See 8 CFR 204.313(d)(4)(v);
    • Finally, before final approval of the I-800 petition, in incoming cases in which the child is to be adopted in the United States and a plan for monitoring the placement until the final adoption was not
      submitted as part of the I-800A application, a statement from the primary provider must be submitted summarizing the plan under 22 CFR 96.50 for monitoring of the placement until the adoption is finalized. See 8 CFR 204.313(h)(ii)(B).

    In summary, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regulations governing the I-800 processes impose duties on a primary provider that may not be accomplished by any

  • Section 96.14 provides that “…in each Convention adoption case, an accredited agency, a temporarily accredited agency, or an approved person will be identified and act as the primary provider.” Section 96.2 defines a primary provider as “the accredited agency, temporarily accredited agency, or approved person that is identified pursuant to section 96.14 as responsible for ensuring that all six adoption services are provided and for supervising and being responsible for supervised providers where used.”
  • one else. Every family adopting from a Convention country needs a primary provider to perform these duties and functions.
  • on process and the I-800 petition process require participation by an accredited agency, temporarily accredited agency, or approved person that is acting as the a primary provider at important points in the adoption process, as follows:
  • Q:What about U.S. citizen families residing abroad? Do they need to engage a primary provider in their Convention adoption case?

    U.S. citizen families residing abroad are not exempted from this requirement. They must engage an accredited agency, temporarily accredited agency or approved person to act as the primary provider for the Convention adoption case.

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