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Our Fees

Per the United States Department of State requirements as of February 15, 2018, there will be a one time $500 Monitoring and Oversight charge, per child, for all newly accepted clients.

Application Fee500500500
Home Study200020002000
Home Study update/change500 - 1000500 - 1000500 - 1000
Hague/UAA Training (apprx)300300300
Post Adoption Supervision (per visit)400400400
Adopolis Agency Fee600060006000
Annual Maintanance Fee300300300
Courier Costs (apprx)400400400
Country Fee12000650010000
USCIS I600a/I800a775775775
USCIS Fingerprinting (per person)858585
Dep't of State Passport (per person)135135135
Visa ( " " )0500
Psychological Assessment (Colombia only)01500 - 30000
Dossier Authentication (approx)400400400
Physician Review of Child Medical Record (in US)400-600400-600400-600
In Country Physcian Medical Review (approx)500500500
Child's Passport120120120
Child Medical Exam For US Visa120120120
US Visa for Child230230230
Travel (approx)
US Birth Certificate 200200200
Depaarture Tax (Colombia only)50
Other Fees
Primary Provider Services6000 - others fee dependent on the country
Re-adoption in the US (varies by state)500 - 1200
Transfer of Primary Adoptio Provider from Another AgencyAll countries: Evaluation Fee $1000
Primary Provider Fee: $3500
Fees subject to change

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