Ukraine Surrogacy

Adopolis is the US access point for New Hope Surrogacy in Kiev, Ukraine.


Married, heterosexual couples who have not been able to carry a child to term.

Costs, excluding travel

Adopolis fee: $3000 for family evaluation (per New Hope Surrogacy requirements), and the development of the dossier for Ukraine legal process.

Additional fees are:

Fingerprint reports from the FBI and your state of residence (Criminal History),

Medical reports confirming to the fact that there are no known medical conditions which will interfere with traveling to Ukraine, raising a child and that the couple has been unable to have a child.

Child Abuse clearances.

Courier fees for the documents.

Avarage  fees (egg donation and surrogacy) are $37,000. Detailed fees are can be seen at the bottom of the New Hope  website.

Contact us for details.

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