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Ukraine Adoption


We understand your desire to help the children of Ukraine in this difficult time, however the complex legal process to determine a child’s eligibility for adoption cannot be performed in a country at war. The best way that you can help them is to make a donation to the relief organization of your choice.

Adopolis works with with Open Heart Adoption in Ukraine, a group of experienced professionals who are licensed to provide legal services in that country.  The State Department for Adoptions and Protection of Rights of the Child, (SDAPRC), the Central Authority, oversees all adoption.

Family Eligibility

Married couples, older than 25 can adopt.


Children older than 5 years, special needs children of all ages and sibling groups can be adopted.

Waiting Time and Travel

1 to 3 months after the dossier is accepted the family is invited to Ukraine to learn about children who are available for adoption.  This trip lasts 3 to 4 weeks.  Two weeks later one or both parents return for about 10 days. Alternatively, the family can stay and complete the adoption process in one trip which is approx. 50-65 days.


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